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Barrel sauna
Barrel sauna
Barrel sauna
Barrel sauna
Vertical sauna
Barrel sauna


Finnish saunas "Barrel Sauna" and vertical saunas "Sauna Tub" - the pearl of your garden, high, practical and spacious unique barrel sauna. The implementation combines classic look and ease of use. Barrel sauna guarantees healing effect thanks to the use of ecological Finnish thermal wood Lunawood without glue, sealant, oil. Uniform heat and efficient circulation of heated air ensure a pleasant sauna experience compared to a square shaped room. Treat yourself to something truly original. Decorate your garden or terrace with a unique sauna shaped like a giant barrel.


Barrel sauna












Barrel sauna is equipped with wood fueled or electric heater and also available in a version with a changing room.


Vertical sauna
















Vertical sauna "Sauna Tub" is a barrel sauna with heating using electric heater for up to 2 to 8 people sitting or lying.



















Vertical sauna "Sauna Tub" is a one-room barrel sauna with heating using wood burning heater for up to 2 to 8 people sitting. The sauna is also available in a double version with a changing room.


Characteristics of barrel saunas:


Size: standard diameter 180 cm, large barrel sauna 200 cm.


Capacity: 2-8 comfortable seats for sitting or lying.


Height: external height of the Sauna Tub - 250 cm., Barrel Sauna - 210 cm.


Depth: the internal depth of the sauna is 180 cm, allowing you to sit or lie comfortably.


The structure  of the original Finnish barrel saunas: In the production of barrel saunas the technique of stapling the boards in the grooves was used, the boards were pressed together with stainless steel rings without the use of glue, sealants and nails etc! Barrel saunas and vertical saunas are absolutely dense, they are always ready for use in every season.


Material: original Finnish barrel sauna made of Finnish thermowood Lunawood. Natural eco-friendly thermowood contains no chemical compounds, resins, glue or paint and is also not coated with polymers. Finnish thermowood is a beautiful, sustainable wood product made using a natural process using high temperatures and water vapor.


Installation options: the low weight of Finnish barrel saunas (stave thickness 32 mm) makes it easy to install the sauna on the terrace, on the pier, on the roof, on the trailer and in any other place.


Warranty period: 2 years for private use, 6 months for commercial use.






Accessories for the barrel sauna: stylish colorful LED lighting, additional windows, heated chimney water tank, protective shield for a wood-burning stove, steam generator.


Have you always wanted a sauna, but have never been able to fulfill this wish? Building too complicated, too expensive or time consuming? Sauna is the right, easiest and most importantly the fastest and most affordable solution. Like all our products, this intelligently designed sauna can be fully customized to your wishes. A sauna is a great way to relax for nature lovers and saunas of all ages. Regular use of the sauna significantly strengthens the human immune system. The sauna washes away harmful substances from the body, relaxes the airways and provides overall relaxation. Sauna is also beneficial for the heart. After a good sauna you feel like a new person.


A sauna wood stove or electric stove heats the sauna up to temperatures between 45 to 110 ºC and humidity up to 100%. On the heater are placed special stones, which from time to time in the Finnish sauna is poured water. The resulting steam in the sauna temporarily increases the humidity. Steam saunas or steam baths are a great choice for people who do not tolerate the great heat of traditional Finnish saunas. In the steam sauna you will pleasantly regenerate and regain new strength. From the medical point of view, steam is particularly useful in chronic rhinitis and inflammation of the nasopharynx and vocal cords, as well as in rheumatic diseases and various movement problems. 


Barrel sauna with whirlpool is the perfect solution to relax, cleanse the body and calm the mind! Barrel saunas offer the perfect retreat from fast-paced modern life.

Buy barrel sauna - Finnish ISO quality, attractive price. Contact us and we will offer what is best according to your wishes.


Barrel sauna
Vertical sauna
Vertical sauna